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1231606 - Glass Fish Eyes, No Wire, Crappie/Trout, 18mm

1231606 - Glass Fish Eyes, No Wire, Crappie/Trout, 18mm

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Van Dykes Glass Fish Eyes - Crappie/Trout Gold Backed, 18 MM, No Wire

The Crappie/Trout special eyes have a background that is in 24 karat gold to capture the two principal colors in the eyes.  Van Dykes best selling high quality glass eye have fused color. Woodcarvers consider these Glass Eyes to be the finest on today's market. Flat backed with a  naturally indented pupil and offered in a wide variety at colors without wires. They  use  an environmentally safe "Lead Free" enamel paint which captures the most brilliant and realistic colors.  Note: Picture are not to scale, sizes are approximate.  NOTE: Glass eyes can be set with wood filler (#1770001) or Quickwood Epoxy (#1720100 or #1720101). 

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