1564005 - OCC Tools V-Tool 3/8" True 60 deg

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V-Tool 3/8" True 60 deg by OCC Tools (OCCT) by Mike Shipley (formerly known as Denny Tools).

All knives and gouges are pre-sharpened & buffed before shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Larry Blair

It came sharp, I like the feel of the handle and the way I can control it. Thanks for caring this product.

Jeanette C
Husband Loves

I purchased three of the OCC Tools for my husband as a Christmas gift. He LOVES them because of the quality and that they are made in the USA. I had also emailed Bigfoot Carving Tools a question in regards to shipping and the response was very prompt.

Darren Gerber
Not Bigfoots Fault

I ordered a a OCC v-tool and the blades did not form a point, this is not Bigfoots fault but OCCS but was disappointed that my brand new tool needed filling right away when the advertise that its sharpened and ready to go.