1050002 - Tape Bantex Safety - Red


SKU: 1050002

Bantex Cohesive Gauze Tape is a revolutionary product in finger protection. Applied to individual fingers in industrial applications, it provides exceptional protection while still allowing flexibility, breath-ability and dexterity... in short, it gives you tougher fingers!

Bantex cohesive gauze tape is a unique material that "sticks" only to itself. It can be used in industry for finger and hand protection, in first aid applications to hold bandages or splints in place, or for any activity where grip is important. Applied to tools, raquets and other equipment, Bantex provides an improved grip for sports, gardening, construction and other activities. Bantex is currently used in thousands of industries and activities around the globe. Protect your most valuable assets... your fingers and hands!

  • Dynamically self-bonding.
  • Water resistance is positive and absolute.
  • Comfortable and wear-resistant.
  • Easy and painless to remove.

Model #1230RED3/4