1220901 - Colwood Super Pro II Wood Burner Kit, Repl. Tip

Colwood Electronics, Inc.

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The Colwood Super Pro II  features two separate burning capacities selectable by a front panel switch. The temperature knob is calibrated from 1-10, electronically controlling the burning temperature of tip over a wide range. The heavy-duty side has a high temperature range. The detail side is used for feather detailing and other burning techniques. The Super Pro II has a wider heat range than the Detailer. The Super Pro II includes one control unit, one ultra flex  handle cord, and one heavy-duty handle cord. Comes with a 2-yr Warranty.


  • Front panel switch allows carver to have  two different tip styles set up and ready to use.
  • Two hand piece clips for mounting hand pieces.
  • Two terminal barriers for easy replacement of hand piece cords.
  • Separate, lighted on/off switch.
  • Highly visible, slanted front panel.
  • One Ultra-Flex hand piece cord (18 gauge).
  • One Heavy Duty hand piece cord (16 gauge).
  • Excellent choice for gourd burning.

Kit also includes:

  • Replacement Handles (2 ea) (#1220300)
  • EZ Puller (#1220301)
  • Replacement Tip RT-A 1/4" (#1220500)
  • Replacement Tip RT-B 1/4" (#1220502)
  • Replacement Tip RT-C 3/4" (#1220503)
  • Replacement Tip RT-S 3/16" (#1220519)
  • Carrying Case - Universal  (#1220200)