1780100 - Slick Stick Leather Strop with Compound


SKU: 1780100

The Slick Stick Leather Strop, is a great addition to your tool box for stropping knives, gouges and V-tools.  It is approximately 7" long.  Comes with a small container (about .5 oz) of liquid aluminum oxide polishing compound (shake before use). 

Customer Reviews

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Robert M Dalia
Bigfoot Review

Enquired via email about an out of stock product and when they anticipated a new supply. The same day I received an email back telling me when the expected a refill and they would let me know when I could order it. Two weeks later I received an email stating the product I had interest in was now available. I ordered a number of items and reveived the order fast. Scott, the owner, was very helpful. I will be a returned customer.

Thank you, Robert.

Jeffrey ODonnell
Stick Leather Strop with Compound?

Excellent product, excellent service

Clyde Fosdyke
A little help

Wish they had included instructions about shaping the thick vertical strip. Suggestions for shaping each of the vertical strips would be good.

William Ryden
Slick stick

Great addition to my carving tools. Great to strop my gouges.

Evan S Vinson
Best strop for carvers

This strop will cover all of a carvers stropping needs. It has a flat back for your knives, and on the flip side, you have the ridges and valleys that fit most any gouge you use. The hard edge of the flat side will do the inside of your V tools also.

This is the one I always reach for and have with me in my travel box. It is so nice that the one I just recently purchased was for home use only. That way I can keep my travel kit complete and never worry about being without it.

As always Bigfoot has exceptional service, with the products that actually work. Thanks again for the quick shipping!