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1030008 - Hot Stuff Special T Thick, CA Glue, 2 oz.

1030008 - Hot Stuff Special T Thick, CA Glue, 2 oz.

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Hot Stuff Special T, CA Glue, THICK gap-filling CA glue has a viscosity similar to honey. This super glue works great when you use it to bond both porous and non-porous parts, and it can fill larger gaps than our Super T medium CA glue. It is best used to glue parts that are missing pieces or don’t fit very well together. You can bond the same materials as with our other CA glue- wood, metal rubber, nitrile, composites, many types of plastics- and Special T is effective even when a poor fit makes parts look impossible to bond. The gap-filling capability is very useful when there is a large chunk missing from a surface- filling that space with Special T can preserve the structural integrity, seal the area from moisture and contaminants, bond something to the exterior that would not fit otherwise, cover and protect jagged edges, and improve the look of the surface.

Model #HST-4T

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