1562301 - OCC Tools Gouge #3-1/8" Dogleg

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Gouge #3-1/8" Dogleg by OCC Tools (OCCT),  by Mike Shipley (formerly known as Denny Tools).

All knives and gouges are pre-sharpened & buffed before shipping.

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Vasanta Welihindha

I am extremely satisfied with this tool.

A.T. Heyer
Poorly Made Tool

My biggest issue with this tool was that the metal was shaped and ground poorly. The sharpened edge was not straight and the shaping of the cutting edge did not extend all the way to the edge. It was unusable without spending a generous amount of time reshaping and resharpening the metal. The metal ultimately did take a decent edge. The handle was glued around the blade in two pieces, and there was some gapping where the pieces were glued. It wasn't worth the hassle of returning it, but I did end up ordering the same tool from a different manufacturer.

Jimmy D Hershey
OCC - Gouge #3-1/8” Dogleg

I really like the dogleg feature of this gouge! The bend is perfect for removing wood for some of the carving projects that I am working on. The quality of this gouge is excellent. It was super sharp right out of the protective shipping tube when I received it thanks to the great folks at Bigfoot Tools as they strop and buff all gouges, chisels, and knifes before they ship them. Thanks to them for going through this extra effort to ensure that you will receive a super sharp tool before you use it the first time. Great people who care about the products they sell. I highly recommend this tool and Bigfoot Tools for the service they provide.

Thank you, Jimmy for the positive feedback.