1230200 - Glass Bird Eyes, No Wire, Dark Brown 03mm


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Van Dyke Standard Pupil, T1SP, Glass Bird Eyes (pair), Dark Brown, 3mm, No Wire

The Van Dyke T1SP glass bird eyes are flat-backed with naturally indented standard size pupils. Offered in a variety of sizes and colors that are suitable for small mammals and most birds. Van Dyke's glass eyes are created to exact specifications for consistency and quality for each and every eye produced.  

Note:  Picture are not to scale, sizes are approximate.  

Both bird and fish eyes can be set with wood filler (#1770001) or Quickwood Epoxy (#1720100 or #1720101).

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Bruce Densmore
my new store now that they have aquired my previous store The Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop

Fast and efficient
Pleasant to deal with
finding 3mm glass eyes is not easy