1620003 - Dunkle Upsweep Knife, 9/32” x 1-1/2”, 9HP

John Dunkle

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John Dunkle knives have a comfortable handle and are custom made.  The crooked knives are great for getting around awkward spots in relief carvings.  Since these are custom made the handles and blades may vary.   


Customer Reviews

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jeff sedberry
Sharp buT....

Cuts great and is thin enough to make some pretty impressive wood filets. There is a slight bend toward the tip which is a bit of a learning curve, no pun intended, but I'd say that a straight one of these would be worth bragging aboot

Great custom Knife

Arrived on time and razor sharp. Great company will do business again.

Evan S Vinson
Almost good.

Well, the blade was fairly sharp. I’m a professional sharpener and tool maker, so I went ahead and took it up to my higher standards. The handle had nice curly maple. Ofcourse, no one would ever know due to the hideous green dye. The handle felt like it had been sanded to only 150 grit. It was oddly shaped and had horrible blade to handle insertion. The hole was massive where the blade had been Inserted. On top of that, there was a lot of wood left around that hole.

I completely refinished the tool starting with the handle shape. I made it ergonomic in shape and then sanded it up to a nice smooth finish. It was at that point I noticed the beautiful curly maple glistening in the light. Unfortunately I still had a little green die here and there that had penetrated deeper in a couple places. II thinned down the blade area to gain carving clearance and then sharpened the blade to .5 microns. Now I’d put it at a 4. Not a five, due to the die and large hole that con not be made better without putting an entirely new handle on the tool.

Bigfoot’s staff however, I give 5 stars. They are great people. Give them your business.

Thank you for the review. I will pass on the information to our supplier.