1590502 - Carbide Bur, Mini Pointed XC, 3/32"

Ram Products, Inc

SKU: 1590502

Carbide Bur, Mini Pointed XC, 3/32" with dust shield.

These burs are of made from premium grade carbide for sharpness and durability.  

  • XC - Extra Coarse-Cut.
  • Vertical flutes cut rapidly while leaving a smooth finish.
  • Fast rapid cutting on metals, plastics, wood and more.
  • Non-Clogging and long lasting precision tungsten carbide.
  • Cuts in both forward and reverse direction.
  • Dust shield is designed to fit any standard 3/32" bur. 
  • Dust shield blows dust away from handpiece and work surface.

Customer Reviews

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Buddy Morphis
Great little burr

I bought this burr to use in a pin vise to help clean up fuzzies on my wood carvings. It does a great job getting into the hard to reach spots and I use it often!