1550141 - Lyons Straight Detail Knife, 1/2"

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Dave Lyons Straight Detail Knife, Model #141M, mini detail design with a 1/2" blade.  His handles are hand made from Zebrawood.  Blade is forged from 1095 carbon steel, and tempered to RC58, and the blades come polished, sharp and ready to use. 

Customer Reviews

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Skip Driggers
My new favorite detail knife

Love the straight blade (1/2)". Super sharp and the grip is comfortable. I'll be buying another Lyons knife.

Anthony Oneppo
This is the best knife I own.

Received my Lyon's knife yesterday and carved two "Bob's Simple Santas" with it. This is no doubt, the best knife in my collection and I will be buying more Lyon knives. Also great service and timely delivery from Bigfoot Carving Tools.

carl lauber
Lyons mini detail knife

very nice knife came very sharp fits nicely in your hand very happy with this purchase

Henry Morgan
Lyons Knives

I was happy that you had some Lyons Knives, they are hard to find. I’ve been using Lyons Knives for 30 years. Thank you for the quick delivery.

Jimmy D Hershey
Lyons Mini Detail Knife, 1/2’

This is a very high quality knife! Very comfortable in the hand due to the shape of the handle. I like this knife so much that I purchased 2 different shaped Lyons knifes. These are my first choice of knifes when I start carving projects now. After much usage, they continue to remain very sharp. I really like these knifes and highly recommend them. The Zebra wood handles are a nice feature as well. I will likely purchase additional ones.