Roger Stegall

Roger Stegall began carving at an early age making toy guns for his playmates, He continued to whittle and carve while working as a Postal Letter Carrier and raising a family.  So after 32 years and retirement, he started carving full time   His work is influenced by Harold Enlow, Bob Robertson and Peter Engler.  He is a regular instructor at Pete's Place/Peter Engler's Designs in Branson, MO.  Roger continues to be an instructor across the country and will be doing seminars in Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee.  Roger says he's been carving for years, but his best carvings are yet to come.

For Roger Stegall's Roughouts, shop his "newly designed" website at:

Roger Stegall's method to hone & sharpen tools.  There are also some videos of carvings.