Pat Moore

Pat Moore has been Carving & Painting for over 35 years.  She became involved in woodcarving in the early 80’s and enjoys teaching her carving & painting techniques at Seminars throughout the country.  She has won numerous ribbons including several “Best of Show” awards, recently winning several at the “Ward World Wildfowl Carving Championship” in Ocean City, MD.

 She is both a gifted carver & painter, and is noted for her attention to detail & great use of color. Her classes range from a wide variety of subject matter including realistic Men, Women, Native Americans, Animals & Birds, to Caricatures & Santa’s.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge & techniques to help students achieve their own goals and hopefully take home a few new techniques they will be able to use on future projects.

 She was once asked, “What’s your favorite thing to carve?”  Her response was “Wood, It really doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as I am carving!”

 Along with her husband Randy, they own Moore Wood & Roughouts, a company supplying wood and roughouts to carvers. 

 Below is a list of tools that Pat Moore uses in her classes that she teaches.

Carving Knife – (Approx. 1 1/2 - 2 inch blade, works best for me)
Detail Knife – (Approx. 1” or shorter, narrower blade)
#3 – 1” Gouge (OCC brand)
60 Degree 5/8 “ Soft V-Tool (OCC brand)
V- Tools –(Small) approx. 1/8” (any brand) 
V- Tools –(Medium) approx.  1/4”
V- Tools –(Large) approx.  1/2”
#5 x 1/4” Gouge (OCC brand)
#5 x 1/2 ” Gouge (OCC brand)
#5 x 3/4” Gouge (OCC brand)
#9 or #11 – 1/8” (approx. 3mm) Gouge (Stubai brand)
#9 or #11 – 3/16” (approx. 5mm) Gouge (Stubai brand)
#9 or #11 – 3/8” (approx. 10mm) Gouge (Stubai brand)