This page is for all those of you just getting started in the art of carving.  It contains information of some items that you might need to get you started (Tools, Knives, Gloves, Carving Kits, Books, etc.).

When individuals start out, we generally recommend a few basic tools to start with. If you are going to be carving small things in the round, we would recommend:

  • That you have a good that feels good in your hand.

  • A carving glove to protect the hand that will be holding the carving...this will save on a lot of band aids

  • Several V-Tools.

  • And a gouge and a veiner

Another way to go would be to buy a set multiple tools...our recommendation would either be the Ramelson Cabe Special, the 117R Set, the 117 Set, or the OTWS Special. This will give you a variety of tools to try, to see which ones you like.

We sell carving tools for all facets of woodcarving, but before you purchase any tools you need to have an idea of what you want to carve.

Start out with something that is fairly simple, like a basswood carving roughout.

Get a book or two that relates to your interest. That will give you some insight into how it is done.

Several other things we would suggest:

  • Check around the area where you live and see if you can find a carving club or perhaps a group of carvers that you can carve with. This will get you exposed to other carvers and you will get a lot of good information and knowledge from them.

  • Find out if there are any classes that are conducted in your area through carving clubs, schools, etc.

  • If there is a woodworking store, go in and ask if they know of anyone who offers woodcarving lessons. A few lessons will go a long way in getting headed in the right direction.

We have learned that you will grow faster when you're plugged in with other carvers in some way or another.