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1060015 - Razertip SK Burner, Carving Package

1060015 - Razertip SK Burner, Carving Package

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Razertip SK Burner Carvers Starter Package contains the most useful pens/tips/cords for bird and animal carvers.
This package consists of:
  • 1 SK burner (power supply).
  • 1 #CORD1FL Standard Cord.
  • 1 #CORD1HD Heavy Duty Cord.
  • 1 #CLEANER Tip Cleaner.
  • 1 #F1L Large Skew Standard Pen.
  • 1 #F5S Small Spear Standard Pen.
  • 1 #F7S Small Round Skew Standard Pen.
  • 1 #HD5MC Heavy Duty Quill Maker Pen.
The SK will accept only one handpiece at a time, making it necessary to unplug and plug in handpieces when changing over, and it doesn't have the extra-low-end temperature adjustment. The SK accepts all Razertip pens and accessories; with available adapter cords will accept most any make of pen, too.
  • 10 amp output provides the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry.
  • ideal wide-range temperature control: won’t scorch wood at "1" through to "red-hot" at 10.
  • super-flexible adapter cords (in standard or heavy-duty) will accept most any brand of pen.
  • indexed handpiece indicator lights can help confirm proper pen and cord operation.
  • ultra-stable control circuitry for consistent burns even when turned on-and-off-and-on again.
  • removeable and reversible handpiece cords allow use of extra-flex or heavy-duty cords.
  • laser-welding technology.
  • unconditional warranty covers everything (and we mean everything!) for 3 years on the power supply and one year on all handpieces including fixed tips. Even if you drop your pen and break the tip - it’s covered!
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