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STUBAI, the Austrian manufacturer, produces woodcarving tools with a durable blade made of an easy to sharpen steel. They have reduced the manufacturing process to the essentials for high functional quality. The blades come with a forged surface, ready sharpened to a good edge. The company does not go to the lengths of polishing them, and so they have a good and natural feel to them. The beech handle is hexagonal, with a slight thickening towards the end and is pleasant to hold.

The blades are altogether well proportioned - if the cutter is narrow, the shaft will be shorter, and so will the handle. Woodcarving tools are diffentiated according to cut: the higher the number, the more rounded is the cutting edge. Thus a no. 1 sweep tool has a straight edge, a no. 3 has a slightly curved edge, and a no. 11 has a strongly rounded cutting edge. V-tools are coded differently. No. 41 sweep (also called "cut" stands for an angle of 60°.