1590103 - Mystisa with 1/8" fixed collet & adapter, RAM

Ram Products, Inc

SKU: 1590103

RAM Mystisa Pocket Micro Motor Grinder w/1/8' fixed collet. Ram Mystisa Portable Micro Motor comes supplied with an 1/8″ Collet and 3/32″ adapter collet. Works with battery 5 to 7 hours for ultimate hands free portability. Speed range from 3,000 to 30,000 RPM. Runs on A/C or battery power (Lithium Ion Battery). Forward/reverse direction.  Dimensions:  5" L x 1-1/3" H x 2-1/3" W.

RAM Mystisa Pocket Micro Motor Grinder Set:  Includes

  • Mystisa Pocket Control Box
  • Mystisa Handpiece
  • A/C charger (110v or 230v)
  • Leather pouch with belt clip
  • Handpiece rubber stand