Mallet Gouges (Dastra)

Dastra carving tools are factory ground to a smooth, even bevel of about 15-20 degrees.  Each tool is then honed and polished to a sharp, ready to use edge.  In addition, many woodcarvers hone an inside bevel of about 5 degrees.  This strengthens the cutting edge and makes the tool easier to use when carving with the "bevel up".   

The Dastra Gouge tools are full size, professional carvers. The overall length averages from 9 to 10" and each tool is fitted with an octagon hornbeam handle sized in proportion to the blade. The blades are hardened to RC60-61 and are buffed to a satin finish. The profiles are beautifully ground and polished by expert craftsmen so that each tool reflects a perfect balance of strength and grace. 

Made in Germany.