1671510 - OCCT Straight 1-1/4" Knife, Flat Grind

OCC Tools (OCCT)

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OCC Tools Straight 1-1/4" Wood Carving Knife, Flat Grind

  • Hand Crafted by Mike Shipley with OCC Tools (formerly Denny Knives).
  • 01 Tool Steel.
  • Model #WK-11.
  • Rockwell Hardness 59 (RC-59).
  • Flat Ground.
  • 4-1/2" Walnut Handle.
  • Come sharp and ready to use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Teresa Ghosey
    Great service.

    I ordered a carving knife online from Bigfoot Carving and received it quickly and undamaged. Great company to work with!

    Occ 1 1/4" knife

    An awesome knife really! Only issue is availability as most comparable quality knives are.

    James Scoggins
    Loose blade

    The blade was very sharp, the handle was light weight and comfortable BUT after using it one time I noticed the blade was loose and it appears as if the handle is a two piece handle which appears loose which may be why the blade is as well. I didn’t notice it being loose when it arrived but I did soon after using it. I just figured it was due to the basswood that I was using. Still love the knife but don’t love the loose blade.

    Sorry to hear of this. I will send you an email on where you can return your knife for a new one,

    Tim Berry
    OCC Tools WH 1-1/4" Walnut Handle Knife

    OCCT detail knife with flat grind is my favorite knife. I use one 90% of my knife time.

    frankie nieves
    very good knife

    nice quality knife. Came sharp out of box.