Alec Lacasse

Alec LaCasse is a sculptor of the human face and for nine (9) years he has taught thousands of artists about the Art of Carving the realistic face in wood.  As a teacher, Alec helps artists with tools and techniques to achieve realism in human expressions.

Fundamentals of Woodcarving Classes visit his site at:

Some of the tools he uses are:

- #4 Gouge, 25mm

- #11 Veiner, 4mm

- #9 Gouge, 6mm

- #9 Gouge, 16mm

- #47 V-Tool, 4mm

- Bench or Detail Knife, 1" or 1-1/4"

- #10 Veiner, 3mm

- #11 Veiner, 2mm

Sandpaper, 220 & 320 grit

Alec offers a Stubai 5-piece Woodcarving Set (the top 5 tools listed above) on his site.


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