Useful Information & Tips

Metric Conversion (mm to inches)

Below is a chart to help out on the Metric (mm) conversion to inches (Fraction) and in Inches (decimal).

MM Approx. Size In Inches Exact Size In Inches
1mm 1/25" 0.03937
2mm 1/16" 0.07874
3mm 3/32" 0.11811
4mm 1/8" 0.15748
5mm 3/16" 0.19685
6mm Just short of 1/4" 0.23622
7mm Little over 1/4" 0.27559
8mm 5/16" 0.31496
9mm Just short of 3/8" 0.35433
10mm Little over 3/8" 0.3937
11mm 7/16" 0.43307
12mm Just short of 1/2" 0.47244
13mm Little over 1/2" 0.51181
14mm 9/16" 0.55118
15mm Just short of 5/8" 0.59055
16mm 5/8" 0.62992
17mm Just short of 11/16" 0.66929
18mm Just short of 3/4" 0.70866
19mm Little under 3/4" 0.74803
20mm Just short of 13/16" 0.7874
21mm Little over 13/16" 0.82677
22mm Just short of 7/8" 0.86614
23mm Little over 7/8" 0.90551
24mm 15/16" 0.94488
25mm 1" 0.98425

Carver's Corner

This spot is designed for Woodcarvers that are looking other study aids, such as roughouts, templates, or even videos.  Below is links to those areas.  Will add more as I learn about them.  Please enjoy and thank you.

  • Scott Carvings (  He has roughouts, books, and you can also sign up for a monthly Wood Caving Template.

Bird Eye Conversion Sizing

Bird Eye Chart

Sizes are based on FULL (unless noted) size birds
Type of Bird Size Color
Black Bird, Redwing 5 mm Brown
Black Bird, Yellow Headed 5 mm Brown
Blue Bird 4 mm Brown
Blue Jay  7 mm Brown
Cardinal  5 mm Brown
Cat Bird  5 mm Brown
Chickadee 4 mm Brown
Coot 10 mm Red
Crane, Sand hill 12 mm Straw
Curlew 10 mm Dark Brown
Dove, Mourning 7 mm Dark Brown
Dove, White wing 7 mm Orange
Dove, Inca, Ground 5 mm Orange
Duck, Bald Pate 10 mm Brown
Duck, Black 11 mm Dark Brown
Duck, Bufflehead 9 mm Brown
Duck, Blue Bill 10 mm Yellow
Duck, Canvas Back 10 mm Red
Duck, Elder 11 mm Brown
Duck, Gadwall 11 mm Brown
Duck, Golden Eye 10 mm Yellow
Duck, Mallard 11 mm Brown
Duck, Merganser, American 11 mm Red
Duck, Merganser, Hooded 9 mm Yellow
Duck, Merganser, Red Breast 11 mm Red
Duck, Mottled 10 mm Brown
Duck, Old Squaw 10 mm Hazel
Duck, Pintail 9 mm Dark Brown
Duck, Red Head 10 mm Yellow
Duck, Ring Neck 10 mm Straw
Duck, Ruddy 10 mm Brown
Duck, Scaup 10 mm Yellow
Duck, Scoter 10 mm Yellow
Duck, Scoter, Black 10 mm Brown
Duck, Scoter,  White winged 10 mm Straw
Duck, Shoveller Spoonbill 10 mm Yellow
Duck, Teal, Blue wing 9 mm Brown
Duck, Teal, Cinnamon 9 mm Red
Duck, Teal. Green wing  9 mm Hazel
Duck, Widgeon 10 mm Brown
Duck, Wood Duck  11 mm Red
Eagle, Bald (Mature) 18 mm Yellow
Eagle, Bald (Immature) 18 mm Brown
Eagle, Golden 18 mm Brown
Falcon, Peregrine 12 mm Brown
Finches, Various 4 mm Brown
Flicker 8 mm Brown
Goose 12 mm Brown
Grouse, Ruffled 9 mm Hazel
Gull, Herring 12 mm Yellow
Hawk, Chicken 14 mm Hazel
Hawk, Cooper (Female) 10 mm Straw
Hawk, Cooper (Male) 10 mm Red
Hawk, Goshawk 14 mm Hazel
Hawk, Marsh 12 mm Yellow
Hawk, Osprey 14 mm Yellow
Hawk, Merlin (Pigeon) 8 mm Brown
Hawk, Red Tail 14 mm Brown
Hawk, Red Shoulder 14 mm Brown
Hawk, Rough Leg 14 mm Hazel
Hawk, Sharp Shinned 10 mm Yellow
Hawk, Sparrow 9 mm Dark Brown
Hawk, Swanson's 14 mm Hazel
Heron, Great Blue 16 mm Yellow
Heron, Louisiana 11 mm Red
Heron, Green Back 9 mm Yellow
Hummingbird 3 mm Brown
Jay, Various 7 mm Brown
Killdeer 7 mm Brown
Kingfisher, Belted 10 mm Brown
Loon, Common 14 mm Red
Loon, Red Throated 14 mm Hazel
Meadowlark 6 mm Brown
Mocking Bird 6 mm Light Brown
Orioles, Various 6 mm Brown
Owls, Barn 14 mm Brown
Owls, Barred 18 mm Special
Owls, Burrowing 12 mm Yellow
Owls, Elf 10 mm Yellow
Owls, Great Gray 20 mm Yellow
Owls, Great Horned 20 mm Yellow
Owls, Long Eared 14 mm Yellow
Owls, Pygmy 10 mm Yellow
Owls, Screech 14 mm Straw
Owls, Saw Whet 10 mm Straw
Owls, Snowy 18 mm Straw
Owls, Short Eared 12 mm Yellow
Partridge, Chukar 9 or 10 mm Hazel
Partridge, Gray  9 mm Brown
Partridge, Hungarian 9 mm Brown
Pelican, Brown 17 mm Straw
• Pheasant 10 mm Special
Plover 6 mm Brown
Prairie Chicken 10 mm Hazel
Quail, Blue (scale) 6 mm Dark Brown
Quail, Bob White 6 mm Hazel
Quail, California 6 mm Brown
Quail, Gambrel's 6 mm Brown
Quail, Mountain 6 mm Brown
Road Runner 10 mm Straw
Robin 6 mm Dark Brown
Sandpiper, Least 6 mm Dark Brown
Sandpiper, Lesser Yellow Legs 7 mm Dark Brown
Sandpiper, Spotted Sandpiper 6 mm Dark Brown
Sandpiper, Willet 8 mm Brown
Snipe 7 mm Dark Brown
Sparrow 4 mm Brown
Swallow 4 mm Brown
Tern 8 mm Brown
Thrasher, Brown 6 mm Straw
Thrush 6 mm Brown
Titmouse 4 mm Dark Brown
Turkey, Wild 12 mm Dark Brown
Warbler, Various 4 mm Brown
Waxwing, Cedar 6 mm Brown
Woodcock 8 mm Brown
Woodpecker, Downy 6 mm Brown
Woodpecker, Pileated 10 mm Straw
Woodpecker, Red Headed 6 mm Brown
Wren, Cactus 5 mm Hazel
Wren, Carolina 4 mm Dark Brown
Wren, House  4 mm Dark Brown